The best app for programming please help


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hello im 13 i would like to mess around with programming is there any free semi-simple software you guys recommend :D

And can some one give some idea how it works can you make them in dream-weaver as html and convert them in any way?? please help

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Your only free option is XCode (which is a part of the OS X install).

Look at AppleScript Studio tutorials on Apple's developer website.

HTML is completely different from anything even remotely based in software programming, so no, you can't convert a web-page into a functional application. Some people develop applications entirely in HTML (well, with PHP/ASP/CGI), so they'll work on all platforms, and just run them in Safari (well, any web browser). You may like to give that a try, but you can't do it with Dreamweaver (you'll need to get your hands dirty in amongst the code).


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TexanPenguin has pretty much answered it for you. I also PMed you with some options. Good luck! :D


Programming is such a broad field that typically people specialize in subcategories. At 13 you're probably at the right age to learn a general language and then when you've mastered the fundamentals you can move to more specialized languages.

Back when I was your age we were taught BASIC or Pascal as beginner languages before we moved to C or FORTRAN. These languages are basically dead and even then they wouldn't prepare you for object orientated programming (although not all use OOP based software).

I've heard it suggested before that Python is a good beginner language. I've only fiddled with it a little, but it like a nice language, and as you become more advanced you can learn to use graphical interfaces with it.

Perhaps you should look at the Python tutorial and see if this looks like a language you'd be interested in learning.