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I watched the documentary "The Corporation" the other night, what a frightening film that is and it got me wondering, How far up the ladder of evil corporations in apple?
And did anyone see that bit about IBM's involvement with the nazi's in the world war. I didnt even have any idea IBM would have been around back then.



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Yeah, and people forget that Volkswagon was another Nazi run company during WWII. The VW Beetle was Hitler's own design! Yet today, the car is the epitome of "cute". Insane.


On the topic of corporation I can suggest this book

"When corporations rule the world" by David C. Korten first published in 1995 by earthscan publications london.

Thrilling and informative and IMO still uptodate

As for IBM beeing around during WWII it definitely was : The company was incorporated in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Co. and changed its name to International Business Machines Corporation in 1924.


"The punch cards tell a grisly tale - they reveal IBM's history and its involvement with the Third Reich. US researcher Edwin Black has followed the paper trail and solved the mystery".

ZDF program "History", Germany

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On the subject of IBM's involvement with Nazi Germany during WWII, the above quote was taken from Europen reviews of a book titled "IBM And The Holocaust - The Strategic Alliance Between America's Most Powerful Corporation". For a very good read on that go to:-

Even in this milleneium, one must wonder.............

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