The Cube that shut down by itself...

Laurent LaSalle

I just buyed a G4 Cube for about 1 month now and I've installed Mac OS X Beta one week ago. Everything works fine, except recently; my computer shut down without any logical reason all by itself! I'm not running Mac OS X for the major reason that it won't let me connect throught a PPP server (damn PPPoE connection), but I wonder if my problem is caused by Mac OS X...

I've called Apple and they suggested me to send my Cube to them, but I don't think I'll be able to spend one entire week without any computer... Anybody is facing this problem with Cubes or any other Macs?
The Cube has a proximity sensor for a power button... so there are any of a number of reasons why it might shut down by itself. For instance, kitty cat sees nice warm computer and sits on top, off goes computer. Set anythign else on top of it, you'll have the same problem. It's possible it's overly-sensitive; that's probably why Apple wanted you to send it in.