The desire to have a G4 CUBE!


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It hit me, the strong desire to have a G4 cube. I miss those things. I will not settle for a used one. Its a damn shame Apple stopped making those things but I can understand their frustration. :)
I couldnt agree more with you, why is it that we feel this desire now, but did not as much, when they were actually available?
Well I was thinking of getting one but I just thought oh I can always get a better one in a year because my dual 500 is so much faster than this cube when os x comes out but then they suddenly stopped making them.
I think part of the reason they stopped making them was that there is no way you could put one of the newer G4 processors in there. The faster they run, the more heat they kick out - when they made the cubes, G4s ran at, what was it, about 400 MHz? The heatsink that was needed to keep them cool (in a mini-tower) was pretty small, so they could get away with making the heatsink a bit bigger and taking out the fan.

Have you seen the size of the heatsink they have to put on the 800 MHz G4s? And that is with a fan running over the cards & processor, and another fan drawing power out over the power supply. The heatsink is almost as big as the whole Cube was. Take the fans out of the thing, and you'd have a puddle of melted transparent plastic pretty quick - that or they could go back to releasing 400 MHz G4s.

I wouldn't mind the slower CPU so much, I hate that the only fanless Mac now is the iMac...
I best Apple could have figured out a way to cool those bad boys down .. even it did require *gasp* a fan! They are cool though .. if I had the $$$ I would get one. :D
I dont mind fans any more :p
Usually when I work the fan's noise is masked by the sound of the music lol :p When I sleep is teh problem cause I have my mac in my bedroom I shut it down at night...

Now just imagine....
Cube... with NO fan.... dual G5 processors... kickass graphics card (with dual monitor capability)... built in DVD-R., wireless keyboard and mouse via bluetooth, USB 2, Firewire, built in 70GB HD....some sort of TV tuner and an A/V card .... and 2 cinematic diplays... OS X .... droooolll..... can I have one ? ;)

Optical circuitry == no fans required :):)

Just give Motorola 5 to 10 years to make it happen.
You can have a new one. But don't wait. I give You the URL, maybe it's the last. You may have it in my place. If you want have it changed in English please contact Apple Belgium, unforunatly You must use stickers on Your keyboard.
Don't be afraid of their dutch and french websides.
i fullfilled my dream when i bought my cube
now if i could just find a cheap 20th anniversary mac then my life would be complete!
imagine the cube alongside the 20th thats what i call a wet dream!;)
Originally posted by scruffy
I wouldn't mind the slower CPU so much, I hate that the only fanless Mac now is the iMac...

I don't know; I've had a TiBook for 6 months now and I've only heard the fan kick on about 3 times. Of course it only has 400mhz but it's at least as square edged as the cube. What was I talking about again?:confused: