The Desktop Picture???


Hi all

I know I must be a complete idiot for askign this but I've look <b>EVERYWHERE</b> and I can't find an option to center or so ANYTHING with my desktop picture. I have to just be overlooking it.

Thanks in advance
look under finder then in the menu find prefs. go there and then do what it says.

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Well I know how to put the picture on the desktop but it's automatically tiled. I need to know how to center, strech, or do anything with.

Any ideas?
I don't think there's any option to center or stretch. I racked my brains with this one, until I finally gave up and just resized the image with Photoshop. That worked quite nicely.
May not be implemented yet. You can look at the Finder strings file though. Those options may be available through a command line hack.
Hey all

Thanks for the help...It sounds like I'm just going to resize in photoshop. I've tried editing the .plist file and couldn't come up with anything. If anyone else has any idea's it sounds like I'm not the only one having this problem.

Thanks again