the dock can dance


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it can tapdance maybe?
or pull rabbits out of a hat?

no, seriously... i LOVE the dock ...:)
Yes, it actually can! I read this on another thread here. Just make it big enough that it has to shrink to keep all of the icons on the screen. Then just drag one of the icons out of it, and hold it at the edge, so the Dock pulses. When the icon is in the dock, it gets smaller, and then the icon is out of the dock. Then it get's bigger, and the icon is in the dock again. I think it going to the beat of some song...
I LOOOOVE the dock too, just like i love everything else about Mac OS X. whats with these people they're all like " oh platinum is better than aqua, mac os9 is better than OS X" i think they're anti-changists. Mac OS X IS the future, get with the program! platinum just doesn't cut it anymore...
Booting in to OS 9 is unfun! I don't even mind the speed of OS X. Then again, I don't mind playing games at 15fps.