the Dock


Hummm I tend to like the Dock for it's ability to have animated icons, I see this as a big over 9 since you can use it to monitor stuff and wouldn't it be cool if the ICQ client icon would pulse when there is a new message :). The also take advantage of this feature, showing number of unread mails on a red dot on the icon...
Animated icon are moving in the direction of an animated ICQ icon. AOL's Instant messanger already has a feature like this, where "IM" flashes over the icon when a message is recieved. My only problem with this is that as long as the person you were talking to was that last one to leave a message, the "IM" flashes until it is answered. This can be very annoying when you dont want/have to answer their response. There should be a limit on how long it flashes for. After that simply somthing should come up on the icon representing a waiting message, but it shouldn't flash or be animated. An indicator for a change in buddy status would also be nice...
When the IM starts flashing, you can click that little blinking square at the top right to stop it.
In the newest version of AIM, you can minimize your chat windows and the person's buddy icon becomes the icon in the dock. When they send you a message, the "IM" bubble pulses on their icon. Pretty good idea.
Problem is, you can't give yourself a buddy icon yet...which makes it tough since most of the people in my buddy list use OSX :)
You can set AOL icons in the OS X version.

just go to "AIM" in the menu bar

Select "My Account Settings..."

then click on "Buddy Icon"