the easy way to program/use the terminal window... how work that language? how to lea


hi there...
i am looking 4 a way (a book or something) to learn how to program the osX code in terminal window, to work at best whit my os... someone can help me?

tnx to all my friend.:D
When you brought MacOS X, you got 2 CDs. One was the OS itself, & the other was a Developer CD. I suggest that you install the Developer CD stuff & take a look at the documentation in it...

is there something specific that you want to do?

when u say 'code in the osx terminal' do u just mean writing console apps? If so, then u can use the 'cc' compiler from the console window itself.

e.g. if you have a C++ (or C) source file called 'groovyprog.cpp' you can just open a console, navigate to the source folder, then type 'cc groovyprog.cpp' to compile & link it (it will come out as a file called 'a.out' - which u can rename if u want). To execute it, just type './a.out'

If this all sounds a little daugnting, then use the Developer tools that Apple provide in the developer CD (it's all nice GUI stuff)


-hope this helped-
...and if you got your copy of OS X with your Mac (which means without the DevCD), then just go to and download the developer tools there.
OK, let's read my last post together, shall we?


Just tell me which part (or which word or character) was hard to understand.
read ulrik's response - you can download them from apple. - In fact you might even be able to buy the CD (although i've haven't checked this)

what is it u wanted to do again... maybe i can help (?)
I think he wanted to program SOMETHING (Cocoa? Carbon? With GUI or without?). Maybe he just heard about this thing called "programming"....
(now, lets be kind to this newbie)


ronin_X I suggest that u join the Apple Developer Connection (ADC) - it's free & you should be able to get all of the Software u need from there...(!)

[do u want me to code something for u?]
"programming" was a too great field 4 me, and i think to use at best the terminal panel to bring my osx to do best he can on my machine (g3 YOSEMITE 350).
what is the language to use whit terminal panel? what i can do whit terminal panel? there is some book or edocument (like pdf i mean ) to learn some useful thing using that appz to semplify some operation when i work on my machine?

i mean this whit my post....
sorry if i have disturb you and wasted your time whit me....
just have fun and be happy....
thak u again :)
Lets get this clear here:

Do you just want to know how to use the terminal app?

If so, there is no simple answer to that.

However a decent unix or Linux book (there are no decent OSX books yet, to my knowledge), of which there are loads, will get you started. There is also a lot of info available on the web. Or search this site and see what you can pick up.

Very very simply, the Terminal, like Aqua, is an interface. It is a command line interface (CLI). You can, for instance, view a listing of files on your disk and copy,move & delete them using the CLI. You can also run applications in it. If you have ever used DOS (god forbid) you have an idea.

hey, I grew up with DOS and till I got Linux (and later now OS X) it was the best user experience I ever got...seriously, I think nothing is more satisfying than controlling your machine via a terminal! I love it! And since Apple decided that important stuff like tracking your free disk space, the memory usage of running processes or optmizing the prebinding list is not important enough to give it a GUI, the terminal is the way to go at the moment to find out what your Mac is doing (with a little bit of help from the Console ;)

uhm...maybe the old C64 times are breaking through ;)

load frogger...ah, damn, I forgot the syntax
There are a number of good books from O'reilly on the various shells (the command line). OSX comes with zsh and tcsh but you can install others. Tcsh is the default shell that the terminal window opens.


Or better yet:


Do you think there will be a Mac OS port for the C64? ;)