The first REAL crash


Connected thru modem and was just about to get mail from one of my accounts..

Had IE5.1beta loading a site which wasnt responding.

Was just about to read on of the new mail ive recivied..

then boom..

couldnt do anything.. it just froze.. the mouse pointer was function but nothing else.. no force quite, nothing.

had to force a reboot..

wasnt OSX the uncrashable system ? =)

(4K78 running.. so?!)
I have a copy of the final build and have noticed that Mail can crash pretty easily. I made a couple of new mail boxes and was just dragging an e-mail message that had lots of images in it that weren't quite fully loaded. Dragged the e-mail from my inbox to another folder within Mail and Mail crashed. Also for some reason I've had this happend twice, I don't remember what I was doing but some crazy terminal stuff popped up on the upper left hand corner on the desktop, like it was writing over the desktop. It gave me two options at the end, one was 'r' for reboot. I typed in the command it it rebooted. Oh, another thing, I have a 15" studio display, no support for the monitor control button on the monitor... I know this is a first run of the OS so I'm not complaining, just pointing out.
Forgot to post this in my last post. If you drag something off of the dock, it makes a little "POOF" graphic, like it is magically disappearing. Once I dragged an icon off the dock and it got halfway through "POOF-ing" and there was part of the smoke left. Didn't seem like a re-draw type thing that I could just drag a window over and fix it. It looked like it was on its own seperate layer. Only got rid of the smoke graphic after I logged off and back on.
Also noticed that.. very strange..
Just had another crash where it seems that the Dock was the one to blame..

had to force a hardware reboot..

wasnt OS X the stability itself? =)

When your IE crashed you probably didn't need to reboot the entire machine. instead, use the Force Quit feature under the Apple menu.

The Force Quit feature will bring up a screen showing all the apps that are running. Simple select the dead/dying application and kill it.

If you get the 'dirty poof' (that sounds funny) bug, the only way to get rid of it is by logging out/in to X.
My Classic has been crashing in PB a fair amount. Each time it crashes/hangs simply telnet (which I DID enable) from another machine and kill the TrueBlue process.

The ps command shows process id's. Doing a "ps -U <username>" will show all of that users's processes. Then "kill <pid> will kill it.

I'm just wondering outloud if that might have helped in this case?...

(I just tracked my order thru FedEx... I think it will be there when I get to work tomorrow. I just hope the mailroom guys don't delay it too long.)

I've had the same problem documented in the first message of this thread, several times today since I installed OS X this morning.

I haven't been able to track down any particular cause: it happened to me onece when I clicked the view as hiearchal list (third view option), and once when launching Mail, as well as several other times.

My computer froze completely, and terminal text was written over the desktop on my secondary monitor, with the options to press "C" to Continue, and "R" to Reboot. Unfortunately, it seemed that my system had frozen completely, and I was unable to do anything other than perform a reboot using the restart button on the tower itself.

OSX is running on a seperate partition of my G4/400, with a clean install of OS 9.1 for the Classic environment. I have 640 MB RAM.