The FUN is back!

Luis Correia

Read the threads and you have to admit: Real fun is back to MacOS. Pre-OS X MacOS -- 8.xx and 9.xx -- was fine, but dull. You know, for persons with master degrees in Humanities that crancked a newsletter and a minimal website and thought that inactivating a control panel or an extension and installing font in the Fonts folder was "techie" and made them Mac gurus.
Yup.. because while the easy stuff is still easy, there's all sort of cool hard stuff to do as well. I used to tinker with my NetBSD system just for the sheer entertainment value and the challenge. Having all that available under MacOS is a dream come true...
OS X is great. Now I can tinker on a Mac, something I really couldn't do before. I had used Macs since 1988 but I abandoned the Mac a few years ago when I crossed over to the dark side. I'm not complaining, I'm paid well to administer an NT network. I run Windows 2000 on my PC and its a decent OS, but ugly. Now I want a new G4. My wife bought an iMac in January and I had not hardly touched it until 2 days ago. Now she can't get me off of it! She likes OS X too, but not for the same reasons. It is a great OS for people who want to use a computer and just want it to work. But it is awesome for hardcore geeks that want to get into the guts of an OS. The past couple of years of playing with Linux is really going to pay off now.
I love messing around with computers, but untill OS X beta came out. There was realy nothing to do. Now that its out, I am on this thing all the time, messing around with it and learning as much as possible. I never used unix before, and for the while that I had mac os x, I have learned so much. Though the problems i come across can be frustraiting sometimes, it is realy fun to mess around to fix the problem and learn something while I am doing it!