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With the recent announcement of Apple's quarterly profit, I began to think of where is apple heading? in particular, where is the iMac heading? Sales a gradually slowing. The "i" at the beginning of iMac seems a bit passe to consumers now. How can Apple keep its bread and butter market (the iMac) rolling along, so that the entire company can remain rolling along? I was a bit worried by this question, until I found this picture. It's only speculation, but I believe it's a small taste of things to come.


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I think that I should point out that this is just a concept design by a person/organization other than apple. :p It would be highly improbably for apple to market THAT design since the 800Mhz processor doesnt exist yet, and the 22" cinematic display does cost $3000 JUST by itself!

(man I want one of those! :D)

Well, it's a pretty cool idea, but I do agree with Admiral, except on the screen issue. there's nothing that says they'd have to use a flat panel LCD in the system, they could accomplish the saame thingat a reasonible price with a picture tube, but the damn thing would be pretty heavy.
Thats dope, I wonder how they made that

Well, not like its really important or probably, but an lcd wouldn't be that expensive. Prices are falling like rocks, and if apple could keep it cheap they could do it.

But still, its never gonna happen. Apple has got something else up their sleve, I can tell you that.

I think they have got some PeeCee bashing left unfinished. A new ad campaign about how macs are so much better, which leads to the unveiling of the ultimate Non-PeeCee, a computer so different it makes bill gates look clueless. I think they are gonna release like a netpliance or something, but it would actually work and function like a real computer, non of that krappy browser shet. It would run on OS X and it would be very, very dirt cheap. It would be compatable with the airport, but also have usb, ethernet and a modem built in. It would also be light and ez to move around, and durable so you could put it in the kitchen or bathroom.

So thats where I think apple is going, but once again, its just speculation.

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They have some pretty nice designs :)
I especially like the iBook r3 design :) reminds me of the eMate.

(wouldnt it be cool to be able to have handwritting recognition on portables ???? LOL )

By the shape of the box it appears to be a tube based display. This would be insanely expensive for apple. They would either have to go into the market of making their own tubes or convince one of the existing 3 tube manufactures to Retool for the display. I think the angle the electron beam would have to travel would make shadow mask displays un feasible. LCDs still have production problems and will probably stay that way until new plastic semiconductor displays start hitting the market.