The Future Of Classic


While all the little problems that people have with Classic was to be expected, do we really have much to worry about in the future? Once all of the programs that we use on a day to day basis develop OS X native programs, there really should be no need to use Classic at all. The downside is that Apple must expect that everyone will be willing to shell out cash to upgrade all of their software, which could cost a pretty penny. I'm just hoping that this procedure is quick and painless, because I don't want to have to be dependant on Classic once OS X 1.0 is launched. It's only purpose is a smooth transition to new software. And I can only hope that our favorite software will include Save As options for operating systems below X.
At the launch of final may be pushing it, but 6 months is a very reasonable time frame for all developers to get their apps at least carbonized.

As far as Save options, I would hope they wouldn't be necessary - why would the file format change just because the app is OSX native?
Concerning the Save As options, almost all programs, whether it be Illustrator, Word, Quark, have an option to save down to a previous version, in the event that someone reading the file may not have the most current software. So I believe without question, that it is imperative that developers have addressed this issue. If not, we're all in for even more headaches.
Not being too funny but in all fairness we are not going to see a masive change in file formats. In windows you can save as tiff for example in photoshop, as you can on OS9. Just cos the base language is different doenst mean that the programs will not be saving as different files. For most work there is a standard to use. If the file types change it will reduce interest firstly in osx and secondly in the program involved. We may see new file types I dont know but I think you are being rather short sighted.
Sorry, let me clarify what I meant by file types. I wasn't talking new formats in relation to tiff, eps, jpeg, etc. I was speaking of program specific file formats which get updated with each new release of a product, such as Save As: Word 98, 95, Word for Mac, Illustrator 9, 8, etc...
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Its a valid point and a point that must concern developers for every new version of software that ireleased. With new features comes information that cant be read by previous like as you said Quark etc.

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