The iPod Paradox


Unofficial Mac Genius
I think I figured out why people are complaining about the price of the iPod:

You get so little!... physically, that is. ;)

I went to the Palo Alto Apple Store today, and I asked if I could play with the iPod they had for a few minutes. The store manager gave me the iPod, and even let me sample the sound from those earphones (for lack of a better word).

So I stood there for 25 minutes playing Breakout listening to all the music they had on there. :D

The iPod is smaller than my hand!! But it's still simple and easy to use. The earphones DO deliver great quality. And about them making your ears sore -- BS! Just don't push them too far in. They stay in, but they don't hurt. And the volume can be adjusted accordingly -- it can go pretty damn high, too!

I learned the interface in 1 minute, literally. It's so easy to use. I still can't get over my euphoria. :D After that, I realized that I actually would buy one if I had the money. And I mean that in the sense that I want to get a damn job and make money so I can buy one of those suckers!

So, anyway, this is my theory: when people hear the iPod, it seems like they're getting virtually nothing, both in size and features. But if you use it, you realize that that "hefty" price tag is actually worth every penny.

I'm getting one of those as soon as I make a little more money... I actually AM thinking of taking $450 out of my bank account and going out and buying one on Nov 20.

DAMN I want one!!!