the itunes music library could not be read because an unknown error occured (-208)

Oo cwilson

itunes had been working fine for me for awhile. now i get this error when i start it up. i tried deleting/reinstall OSX.1 and i still get this error. it's preventing itunes from starting at all.
any suggestions?
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Haven't seen the error message, but I've seen odd behaviour from iTunes WRT the library list (skipping songs, repeating, duplications). What I did to clear it up was to quit iTunes, then go to /Users/my home dir/Documents/iTunes and deleted the file 'iTunes Music Library'. After I did that, I was able to add the items back, and it's been fine since.

You don't mention if during the reinstall if you wiped the drive, but removing the library file might help if youj didn't...

Good Luck..


Dunno if this helps at all, but I had a similar issue after restoring my home directory from a CD backup made on a different machine. Unbeknownst to me, OS X uses flags in its filesystem and set the "immutable" flag on many of the files I restored from the CD. iTunes was crashing because it wasn't allowed to modify its own library file. So I fixed it in Terminal with

chflags -nouchg "iTunes Music Library"
(or whatever the file name is)

So far as I can tell, there's no way to make this correction on a file using the UI.



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Try erasing the iTunes Library database file and re- "Add To Library" all of your mp3s (which is easy if you "Add" your "Music" folder in its entirety.

Good luck.