The MacBook is out


fryke said:
Oh... Have to add that MS Office really is _no_ problem through Rosetta with 2 GB of RAM. Neither is Adobe CS 2. At least for a _little_ work. I'll have to test it against more serious files still, but initial testing tells me that Apple's doing the right thing pushing the move to intel.

I'm looking at getting the basic model, but with only 1gb RAM - any idea how CS or CS2 will run? Basically I only really use Aperture and Photoshop, and if I can get them to run appreciably faster than on my current G4 Quicksilver Gigahertz/1GbRAM then I'm happy. I've basically stopped using Aperture once I've converted the RAW files to .tiff, its too slow. OK, I know, I hacked the processor value in the Aperture Exec file, so I'm lucky it runs at all.

Nice to see theres a grown-up resolution and they've included the ability to go to a higher resolution hooked up to a monitor. 1024x768 was just insulting on the last iBooks, the only thing that prevented me buying one, and really frustrating.


My brother got the base MacBook model for his birthday. We purchased an upgraded 120GB drive from ($150) and 2 1GB sticks from ($259). Installation was amazingly simple!

I had some trouble with the install of the OS, disc 2 kept returning an error that the installation failed. The 3rd attempt was successful. The machine is noticeably faster.

We attempted to transfer his files from his old snow white iMac using the new file transfer utility that appears in the initial setup screens. It failed to transfer any files from his 'Home' Folder. However it did successfully transfer his user name, login information, and network settings. I had to transfer over the Library, Documents, Movies, Music, Pictures Folders manually.

What a wonderful little machine.


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FlashMac: Didn't see your message before, sorry... -> I guess for Rosetta software you won't actually see a speed-up. Aperture, being universal by now, should run _noticeably_ faster, though. Photoshop might be 'okay', but you better test it.