The mouse tracking fix you've been waiting for...


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I have located an installer called Turbo Mouse.
This invisi-ware( more or less an invisbile install like a driver ) when installed sets your mouses minimum speed via system preferences to the current max speed while the max speed becomes 5x the normal setting.
ALSO, ( heres the kicker ) it takes care of that thing that so many people hate about mouse scaling in X, your mouse no longer accelerates at a varying rate. Mouse movement is always consistent regardless of the speed you are physically moving your mouse.
Where can you obtain this software?....
Thats a tuffy... Its not available on any software update sites nor can I find any web links to it.... um... email me and we'll see if we can find the publisher together... ;)
Well I'll be dipped!! Thats it!. Now everyone go get it. I love it. You will too. Promise..

..way to go Tigger :)
Turbo mouse is awesome! I now have the same mouse feel as I did in OS 9 with USB Overdrive, and best of all Turbomouse is FREEware!

BTW, the mouse still accelerates at a variable rate, it's just that the variable rate is implemented more smoothly using Turbo Mouse. Variable acceleration is a good thing when it's set right, and you probably wouldn't like a mouse that didn't use it. Mac OS has used it for ages, and so has windows, so you are so used to it that you probably don't even notice it. What you noticed in OS X is a poor setting of the variable acceleration.

I sent in feedback to Apple on the poor mouse tracking in OS X, and a link to TurboMouse. Maybe Apple will hire the dude who made TurboMouse and put him in charge of designing an Apple branded two button mouse w/scroll wheel. ;)
I tried turbomouse and every other fix you can think of and nothing solves my problem. I have a KVM switchbox and everytime you use it the mouse defaults back to a middle very slow setting. This even undoes the benefits of turbomouse.

I'm annoyed more than anything by the fact that this flaw is new to 10.1. It didn't exist in 10.0.4. I have no idea what Apple changed, but they need to change it back.

If anyone has found a solution for keeping the mouse nice and zippy even after unplugging it and plugging it back in (what effectively happens with a KVM) I'm all ears.
LOL! I have a Kensington mouse, and their mouse driver allows me to get faster acceleration than the system settings. Then I installed TurboMouse on top of that! So I can move my cursor from corner to corner of my monitor with just a twitch of my wrist.
I love it, but everybody else who tries it out can't control the cursor at all. Must be a natural talent.

I tried TurboMouse with a Microsoft IntellyEye mouse and it works great. I didn't even need to unplug the mouse to install the drivers.
With the IntellyEye mouse I got two extra features I didn't get with Apple's mouses: the scroll wheel and the right button to open contextual menus!!!!