The ncftp seems cannot using user id


I want to connect a ftp server via terimal using ncftp. But, the ncftp alway connect using anonymous even i typping #ncftp -u user -p passwd ftp.hostname.domain.
Perhaps because your doing it incorrectly?

There is no -u username -p passwd option as a read of teh man
page or running help demonstrates. Just use '-u' by itself on the command line and it'll prompt you.

[hjmpbg3:~/Documents] howardm% ncftp -help
ncftp: illegal option -- h
Usage: ncftp [options] [hostname[:path]]
Program options:
-D : Turn debug mode and trace mode on.
-L : Don't use visual mode (use line mode).
-V : Use visual mode.
-H : Dump the version information.
Command-line open options:
-a : Open anonymously.
-u : Open with username and password prompt.
-p X : Use port number X when opening.