The Next Mac OS X Update...

Matrix Agent

Masochist Mascot
Any of you seeders want to tell me what version number you're at right now?
Also, how much better is OS X overall, on a scale of 1-10.

This isn't a plea to get on the inside, a nondisclosure agreement is somthing to be respected.

Just a little (LoT) curious!:rolleyes:
Thanks admiral ;)
i bet they'll come running to tell me now!

i guess they didn't imagine that sniper on their neighbor's roof using the TiBook

Big brother is watching and reading my thoughts ... but little does he know that I am wearing a helmet... (which I stole from magnetto) to inhit their abilities! he he he ...

well you can always rely on PMs, and people willing to violate their NDA ... after all, how do you think all those pre final OS X releases got on hotline servers ??? :)

Never underestimate the ease to which one can corrupt someone else, and the need for humas to brag :D
I figure anything they really wanted to remain really secret wouln't be given to seeders anyway.

Can anyone say Newton?
Quad G5's?

Yeah, too bad there's not a hardware seeding program.:mad: