The one an only

Just wanted to drop a quick message to everyone who manages, tech's and uses this website.
It really is a credit to all of the above.
I have found no end of help availible and wanted to thank all those who continue to lend their support to me and other users while i do my best to lend a hand wherever i can.
The support is friendly, specific, accessible, helpful and swift, and the site is clear, detailed and free! I really can't express my gratitude.
Thanks again.
I agree, I've been a member of this site since before I even got my iMac with Mac OS X.

I cannot thank the staff that run this site enough, as well as the members who share their wealth of information with others. Your help has been invaluable.
I've been in a crabby mood lately (laid off, etc...)... So probably having a reminder about the importance of "friendliness" is a good thing.

So thank you in return windsor_richard!

this site turned me from being a frustrated switcher into a knowledgable mac user, able get to myself (and a good few others) out of most bother, i know my system now, and i'm getting better all the time, with all the real problems people have and post up here. everyday is a schoolday!

keep up the good work, and i'll try to keep up also!
I like this site a lot too :)

I think my origional 1st post was about my Macintosh HD icon kept jumping to the lower right corner of the screen. Turned out I wasnt giving it enough room the the upper right corner where it stays. Now i'm up to; uh 500-something posts.

EDIT: This post is 525