the Power Mac G5 Power Supply



I've read from a forum recently : "One is a chirping G5 which is endemic to the power supply." , does that mean there may be problems due to the power supply of the G5 itself ? ?I got mine ( second-hand monoPM G5 1,8 ) in Switzerland and at first couldn't connect to the mains because the cable was not right, it was 'anglo-saxon like' and I couldn't plug it. ?So I took a standard cable without the folds that protect it. ??Is it important ? Is it really important to plug your G5 with a grey cable bought from Apple??Someone on a forum in France told me so, but I wouldn't believe it....

Manuel - Paris, not Texas
You can do serious damage using a power cord that is not made for the device.
This is true of all electronic devices.

Get the correct power cord for the machine. Then double check the back to make sure you are set to the correct voltage.
I know all that, thanks ;)
My question was about the "folds" that surrounder the power cord of the PM G5 (the color is grey), are they really necessary or can you use a "non-apple" cable (absolutely equivalent, of course) ?
Because Apple cords are expensive, that's all.... :cool: