The Question-Question Thread


Unofficial Mac Genius
This thread is supposed to mimick the Question-Answer thread that died a while ago.

Basically, I'm going to start out with a question, and every subsequent poster has to respond to the previous question with another question.

For example, if I post the question "Who is the most insane person on", a logical response would be "'Insane' in what sense?", to which a logical response to THAT would be, "What sense do you think I mean?".

A person who can stump everybody else on a logical response can gloat at everybody else, and then can start it up again by asking another unrelated question.

:D OK? Here's the starting question:

What is the meaning of life?


Interstellar traveler
okay I'm not sure if this is correct, but here goes.

Q: what do you mean by meaning of life?


Master of Reality
Are you trying to change the subject again?

(see you later:))


iWork for Apple <3
well what would happen if i changed the subject to something else, like why my mouse is so jealous of my keyboard?