The Ram Speed Trick?


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I'm sure most know this, but I think some really do not realize the true difference.....

I have two exact systems with one exception... the amount of ram, one has 256 the other 512.....

The one with 512, is by-gosh, no-hold-bars, no kidding... much faster... (Appears to be to the naked eye/mind)

One main reason, is everything I use is always loaded and each app runs as if nothing else is running. And I simply command-tab to the app vs launching it and counting the bounces... With the exception of MSIE which quits running more than my beat up lawn mower on a hot day....

Good or Bad: Sure some will argue about RAM recomended and optimal amounts, but the way I like to look at it is simply, if 512 makes it run better then 512 it is.... I can remember all this when Windows 95 first came out... back in the day when 16 was a-lot and was the recomended yet 32 was better and 64 was a dream and everyone screemed about needing 32-64 for a good time ;)