"The remote side is not responding correctly"


I was having an issue in both OS9 and OSX that I couldn't connect reliably via PPP. This started happening about the time I upgraded to 9 before installing X, but eventually the reliability deteriorated until I couldn't connect at all.

The problem was that the modem would connect, but (I believe) the DHCP server would never respond to repeated requests.

After several calls to the ISP and exploring every option in the system, someone at the ISP says "Oh, Qwest is having a hard time with Macs on the dialup."

They gave me a NEW PHONE NUMBER, and the problem went away in both 9 and X.

Barry F.

oz.net Seattle (new) 206-219-0000
Error Dialog "The remote side is not responding correctly"
Modem Log includes repeated "LCP" commands:
- LCP: >> Async Map = 0x00000000
- LCP: >> Magic Number = 0x4286E5CD
- LCP: >> Protocol Compression On
- LCP: >> Address/Control Compression On