The Sims


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Hey everybody,

just wondering if anyone hs tried the Sims for X yet? I have been thinking of getting the game, and if it works well under X, I probably will.

works great! i was the 2nd person to download it, according to versiontracker:D

I can finally keep my S&M lesbian nudist commune running 24/7 in the background. Indeed, it's what preemptive multitasking was invented for.
It works great, however I have one problem:

The game keeps freezing!

The weird thing is that the computer is not frozen, as background tasks keep running perfectly fine. You can hit command-option-escape to try and bring up the force quit window, but it won't display. The cursor changes, showing that it worked, and you can click back into the sims and the cursor will change back. All you get is error beeps if you hit return or up/down.

Anyone have any ideas?