The site is alive again


Simply Daemonic
Even since 10.1 was released the site is alive again :D
More problems to solve
More comments
More happy & angry people
More conversation
More posts to read and reply :D

I just love it!;)
Do you ?

Of course I do! How could I not ... Now personally I have to admin that the site made me Mac OS again too after the release, but that ain't a too big problem, I think this counts for the big lot of the users :D

Anyway, it should stay like this and I'm planning to dig into 10.1 as soon as my copy is downloaded :D That would be 25 hours ... Damn the slow servers, oh well, I can't blame them, it'll be thanks to them I can download it at all, I had a hard time finding it ... Suddenly all servers I knew are offline, bet they're all switching to 10.1 right now :)

I love it here!
It's such a great community with great support for eachother as well!
We need to get more people here :p
Dont wanna lose the volume we have now ;)
Ideas ? Give me a list of possible sites we can hit and advertize

I advertized the site on my newtontalk mailing list:rolleyes:

I hope more people flock here :)

Mailing lists is another place to drop a line and mention this site:rolleyes:
I love it here. I come here just to hang out. I guess earth is just too boring?

This site is awesome. It has grown so much, I'm blown away. I used to think "Wow, some lucky guy on the ball registered domain before apple could scoop it up. Apple's lawyers will be coming....." Now I think that admin has created an EXCELLENT site in little over a year.

Way to go.