The Sound Fix


Just in case anyone missed it:

On older machines that use the AWACS sound chip, the default installation will prevent sound from working.

As an example, I have an 8500 with a G3 upgrade.
The installation was a breeze. However, no sound.
Very disappointing.

Persusing through here, I found a trick that worked:

While in OS9, find the following file:

Make a backup copy.

To open this file, you will need to use a text editor other than SimpleText.
I used TexEdit Plus.

This file is in XML. So don't be intimidated by its content.
Search for "davbus".
Replace with "awacs".
Save as ASCII text.

Reboot into OSX.

Voila! Sound!
It even works out of the back panel output.

Hope this helps someone out there.
Now I have a question : is it possible to redirect audio to usb without deleting the applescreameraudio.kext directory ?

I'm having this difficulty on my iMac 266 mhz (160 RAM).

There is no sound at all. I have to enter sytem prefs...mute the sound, and unmute in order for sounds to work correctly.

Any ideas?