The weakest link!

I tried to watch it, but I couldn't stand most of those people. I did notice their inability to answer questions correctly before switching to Star Trek:TNG on TNN...
I dont have cable :p
Anyway, the verbal abuse is the funniest part lol
asking them "What are you famous for?" one of em said "for having an affair with the president" he he he :p
That part was good, I'll admit. It seemed odd that Gennifer Flowers got two asked two questions that she, being who she is, ought to have known since the answers were Monica Lewinski (obvious) and Texas (she's from Arkansas). I'm sure it was just luck of the draw, but I was hoping to see her go early in the game.

Okay, so I flipped back and forth between the channels...
Who'd be the game show host? That's what I want to know. It has to be someone who thinks everything you do is wrong. I pick...Strobe.
<< Soapvox is the weakest link ...... Goodbye >>

<<In the confesional area>>
I feel I was a much stronger link than Scott but then they just asking all these questions about the queen and I thought they were talking about San Francisco, not the Queen of England and what the hell I got the question right about who is Gods advisary, everyone knows it is Bill gates and Paul Allen!

What do you guys think, I won't slow you down.... really
Ha ha ha :p
Host will be strobe ??? possibly but I like the host thats already the host of the show whatever her name is :p

So we have Soapvox, probably scott, now we need 6 more people :p