The world is X Crazy

I don't think that has anything to do with OS X. Saabs have been 9 something or other since 1949. Makes sense for an "experimental" "concept" car to have an "X" moniker. That's the way it is. Hopefully, the "X" in OS X will go away after it's proven itself beyond experimentation.
It was a joke itomato... Of course I and any other Saab enthusiast knows the Saab naming trend, but technically you're wrong. there have been special editions leaving out the "9" (even though they were based on 9x(x) body designs) and that many auto makers and government agencies (X-1, X-33...) use "X" in concept versions...

Here's one for you to ponder...

The new enterprise is designated (counter to any of the world's surface navies' I can think of naming conventions) Enterprise NX-01. The "old" original" was NCC-1701. Maybe its back to the USAF idea of X-1, X-22, X-33, etc, but is that X a coincidence? I think not.....:D
Well you know what they say: x sells.

Remember when Apple would add an 'x' to a computer model that had an 68030 processor? Mac IIx, Mac IIcx, etc. They had to change it for the SE and call it an SE/30!

also remember when they wanted "SCSI" to be pronounced "sexy"? They may pronounce it "oh ess ten" but they really want us to say "oh ess sex";)