The Worlds Most Customizable OS


Want some of my Kool-aid?
This is what I spent my lunch doing, changing menus and graphics are so easy, I am going to create a whole Radiohead based OS (Can anyone tell me how to take a screen shot of the login screen, that is the coolest piece). I LOVE OS X!!!!!!!!!!:pcool dialog boxes
Command-Shift-3 (or 4) my friend. :)

It gets saved to root's Desktop folder (/var/root/Desktop) ...took me a min to figure that one out the first time I took a pic of my login screen. Heh
go to /System/Library/Core Service/
look in different folders and stuff, make backups, then change the images then terminal in as root, copy and replace the correct images and that is it
So that's it?
I've changed my login background, still Aqua-ish. That's all I've really done so far.
Grab it if you want: