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This is what I spent my lunch doing, changing menus and graphics are so easy, I am going to create a whole Radiohead based OS (Can anyone tell me how to take a screen shot of the login screen, that is the coolest piece). I LOVE OS X!!!!!!!!!!:pcool dialog boxes


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Command-Shift-3 (or 4) my friend. :)

It gets saved to root's Desktop folder (/var/root/Desktop) ...took me a min to figure that one out the first time I took a pic of my login screen. Heh


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go to /System/Library/Core Service/
look in different folders and stuff, make backups, then change the images then terminal in as root, copy and replace the correct images and that is it


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So that's it?
I've changed my login background, still Aqua-ish. That's all I've really done so far.
Grab it if you want: