The Yin and Yang of Computing


How strange is this? My iBook was stolen a month ago and has now been replaced by a shiny new one, just like the original but better. All good, but the day I received it I started a new job where I am forced to use a Compaq with a Pentium 3 running (wait for it...) Windows 2000 5 days a week....

So now I'm sitting perfectly balanced in the middle of two extremes of good (OSX) and bad (actually, very bad).

Aside from thinking about the application of ancient eastern philosophy on desktop computing, can I just suggest that anyone out there who has got over the initial excitement of OSX uses a 3 year old Windows PC for a few days? If you don't go completely mad, you sure will appreciate OSX when you get back to it.



I have to use windows 95 at work these days! And this is because of a tightening of belts. Just last year I was on a suped-up uber-Mac. Talk about negative karma, dharma and any other "arma" you want. But you're right. Sorry to hear about the stolen book, though.


OS X Friendly
Unfortunately at work the engineers had to move into this new tiny room and share workstations. So, I went from a fast PC with all my links and downloaded programs for the last three years to a 64MB RAM piece of crap where I can't have any personal items laying out.

Plus, I had to leave an iMac 233 behind at my old desk. Now I have to wait to go home to use OS X. Why can't I work form home....


wandering shadow
quick - can't you guys set up a bunch of different accounts? Then you could log in/out...that way you could customize stuff a bit. It's how things go where I work at. They downsized a bit...all the techs get to use just ONE computer. So very much fun, because the techs have to send out emails all the time. :p You should see the line of guys waiting to use the computer at the beginning of the shift to read emails. :D

We're using Windows NT at work...even worse. ;)


OS X Friendly
However, these are stripped down machines with very little if any good quality apps.

My old machine was chocked full of RAM and some self installed apps.

The rumor mill is saying that personal browsing will be outlawed. :( Damn the man!

Will always find ways around there half ass monitoring.


Word! I guess perfection would be everybody in the world using OSX and Windows being banned on the grounds that it is bad for your mental health! :)


I have the blessing (or curse) of using many different OS's all the time. I have a 12" PB G4 that I use as my primary personal computer. At work, my workstation is a P3 450 w/384M RAM running NT4.0. I maintain our FreeBSD and RedHat machines, but I also do work on NT4.0 and Win2k servers (and soon Win2003 servers :( ). Oh, and I have a WinXP machine at home that my fiance uses. So, I get to play with everything. The nice part is, I'm rarely lost when working on a computer since I have at least a little experience with so many different machines and OS's.

P.S. ...and we have one Solaris machine, but I rarely have to touch it (thank gawd). :)

- G!mpy