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How dedicated are you to themes is Mac OS X?

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How would you like to be part of the future of Mac OS X? You can be! X Themination is making the first theme editor for 10.1, without it themes cannot be made for 10.1. We need someone who can code the core of our app, the part that turns the pxm into a pict for editing... and some other stuff. The application is cocoa. If you think you can do it email me at

Sounds cool! I really wish I could help, but I stink at coding! Keep us updated with how things are going!!!
Greg has already said that he's not going to be working on a Kaleidoscope for OS X until he knows for sure he's not going to get in trouble with Apple for doing so. So I don't think he'd be likely to help out with this one :( (I'm on the K-Scheme mailing list, so yes, I do know this one).

However, if/when you do get this thing running, you'll have a lot of us K-schemers jumping in :D
Hey, themes are what we need. Schemes are dead now.... and themes are better than ever. We need developers, end of story. If you want to complain to greg about schemes then do it, but the rest of us are going with themes.

We also need theme makers, we can teach you as long as you have artistic talent.

Hmmm... I even changed my sign :D!
I'll support you guys!

But I think you should watch Apple... Wait for Mac OS X 10.2?

Thanks:) . Well the bets thing you can do is email us themes and use our themes. We are cautious about Apple but we aren't waiting. More and more innovaton is coming to themes, like having sides on windows.

Originally posted by Darkshadow
Greg has already said that he's not going to be working on a Kaleidoscope for OS X until he knows for sure he's not going to get in trouble with Apple for doing so.

I'm not sure what he's afraid of. I know that Apple has vigorously defended what they view as trademark material by preventing folks making Aqua themes for other products (not that I agree, but there it is). But, I'm not aware of any legal precident or logical reason that would justify them intimidating theme/theme tool authors to prevent them changing the appearance of MacOSX. If any such intimidation is being applied, I really have to wonder why.

I don't see why it would be a trademark issue, since any MacOSX themers would be using original material, or at worst, trademarked material of other companies. Using other companies' trademarked material may not be legal, but it's not Apple's problem.

If it's to protect the "purity" of Aqua, I'd really have thought that someone would stand up and tell Apple to pound sand, 'cos we should be able to do whatever we want with the look/feel of our own desktops (short of de-compiling code, etc). I know, it's easy to say when I'm not getting the C&D letters, but I would certainly be willing to contribute to a legal defence fund for any group willing to settle the question in court.

If it's because Apple has some kind of "Theme Workshop" or "Plus Pack" in the wings, well... That's just anticompetitive, and is behaviour more fitting our other "favourite" software company...