they did not learn anything!


For $399? When will Apple finally realize that it has to produce a product for the massmarket??

There is no way that I would pay that much money for a MP3 player........

Bring it out at an reasonable prize (200-300) and they will sell more then they can produce.! Too bad.......
if you don't want to shell out 399 for this thing, you're not targetted. so get back to work and buy a rio600 with 32 megs of ram. and shut up about Apple having to make products you want. what they really must do is stay competitive with the consumer iMacs so they can afford to R&D the luxury stuff I'm so eager to buy.
No need to be agressive fryke :p
The 5GB HD makes it expensive, the R&D , and the Apple Logo as well :p
YOu are paying for a part of apple here lol :p