they way things were....?


now that i have installed mac osx beta .. loved it, but still cant work in CLASSIC .. although i did download OMNIWEB ..(havent tried it yet .. went to bed :D)

but what i did was totally wipe my 2nd HD that had OSX on it and completely dubbed my OS9 to that 2nd hd and THEN installed OSX ontop .. the result? i can see all my stuff now, .. but the CLASSIC starts up and you see the splash screen and everything, but then it quits after completely loading .... ?!

i was trying to look in the log files or something and i havent found any clue as yet...

but interesting side point, when i wiped the drive of OSX, when i restarted i got a VERY UNIXY all white screen that gave me the option of starting OSX (didnt exist at that point just wiped) or to enter 'bye' to return to OS9 ... which works just fine ..

(for the record i re installed OSX just fine .. and if you use the command line interface 'kill 179' can inadvertantly log you out .. but not disrupt your internet connection ...?! :))

but the thing is after OSX expires .. will i always have this residual effect of OSX on my system? what if i want to keep on using os9? do i have to babysit the machine to get booted up?

any unixy commands or insite or os9y insite welcome..
Actually, I think what your experiencing with classic is how it is suppose to work. A lot of people were expecting Classic to be in a little window like VirtualPC, but I bet if you look at the dock after you try to boot classic, you'll c the finder icon with a 9 over it (aka classic). The splash screen at the beginning is just to show you that classic is loading fine and to show u what extensions/control panels are loading. Try opening a classic app after trying to open classic and see what happens.

My "guess" about the white unixy screen is that bootx is still on ur machine... Although I'm not sure, and would need to replicate the problem on my own computer (which I'm really not interested in doing at this point) to verify this assertion. Did u try setting the startup disk to OS9 (if Bootx is on the machine, this woouldn't matter though...) ?

Just curious, why would you want to go back to OS9? We can only move forward if that's the direction we're moving :) I'm sure someone else out there has a more concrete answer to ur questions, but till then, ur stuck with my interpolation and conjecture :p.

i am typing this from M$ IE 5.0 for mac ..

never thought i would like a M$ product, but this is pretty nice actually .. :)

the thing is now i can run CLASSIC ok in my OSX ...
and playing with pico editor on the terminal is bringing back memories of watching comp sci fellas back in school ...

meanwhile the online-bible ( for the macintosh works excelently in CLASSIC MODE and i love how the STRONGS/KJV work togather .. extreemly recommended!!!

but the other problems are window refresh speed feeling sluggish and wondering why OMNI WEB needs to be re-installed after ever reboot .. ? it seems to create a new volume/drive icon every time..? whats up with that?

other than that i like OSX .. i got 33 applications open and running at the same time .. of course things got sluggish (more than usual with window dragging/etc) but nothing crashed .. if that was OS9 i wonder if i would have gottne past 10 apps open .. i would have run out of memory long time ago :D

i do feel positive .. i was reading and the complaints are that the current mac OS has like 16 years of tweaking and interface enhancements...

but from what i can tell, the OSX will "learn" of those and more in about a year OSX will be indispensable ..

now on to more serious issues, like my ALPS MD5000 chewing up ever page i feed it .. i dont know if there is a fix for that .. might have to bite the bullet on that one

= = = = = =
since OSX is based on BSD .. could it be possible to run GNOME on OSX ? as if i would want to .. just wondering ...

thing #2 .. how can FreePPP that supports multiple internet account information .... be implemented on OSX? just make seperate user accounts, and then log into OSX and go to it? or is there a way to handle that without switching users?

all ways these questions!! ? :D
tanx for the info in advance...