Thinking about switching to a mac - will tiscali work?


Hi everyone,

A friend has offered to sell me his iMac G4 and I'm very tempted to switch from my XP PC, but I've got a few questions that need non-techy answers!

I've recently signed up for a 12 month contract with Tiscali broadband - I'm really happy with it and haven't had any problems with the connection or speed, but when I signed up, I had no idea that I would be considering switching to a mac.

A quick google search has revealed a few problems with using tiscali on a mac - I found a page on their site which says it is possible to use it with a mac, but I now can't find it, but have found loads of bad reviews from users saying that they couldn't switch.

So, here's my question - is it possible to switch? What would I need to download, where would I get that from? How easy is it?

Also, I want to keep my PC laptop and potentially set up a network so that both computers can be hooked up to the internet (and printer!) - again, is this possible and how easy is it?

If anyone can help, that would be greatly appreciated - especially if you can make it as non-techy as possible!

Thanks in advance.
Typically, with respect to MacOS X - no software should be needed to connect to the internet, via a cable or dsl modem.

First, to have both computers connected in a local network, and the network connect to the internet:
01. Purchase a router. Linksys, NetGear, etc.
02. Connect each the PC and Mac to the router with Ethernet cables, and the router to the dsl modem with an Ethernet cable, as shown here.

To configure the iMac, follow these steps. You should not have to do any further PC configuration.
Ok, thanks for that - very helpful.

I've found the page on the tiscali website - it's (scroll down to the Speedtouch 330 and Speedtouch USB bits)

Can anyone explain this to me - am I right in thinking that to use Tisacli broadband on a Mac, I would need to buy one of these and then download the drivers?

Sorry about my ignorance on this - don't want to make the switch and then go through the hell of changing my broadband supplier just a few months in to a contract!
I am trying to connect to a Sagem F800 ADSL Modem. Would anyone happen to know if these steps pointed out by barhar would be the same?
Do not use usb router, I believe they are not good on mac, go ethernet it's plug and play.
Not that techie myself but know about ethernet is easier.
It's also faster using Ethernet than USB. Yes, the connection from the cloud is probably 1.5 Mbps at best, but consider that the ethernet port will be dedicated to that with 100 Mbps of overhead (if you have a 100 Mb network card). If you use USB, whether it's 1.1 or 2.0, you'll be SHARING the throughput (be it 12 Mbps with 1.1 or 480 Mbps with 2.0) with any other devices connected to the USB bus, including your keyboard and mouse. This will make it seem like things are running sluggishly.
OK, thanks jo-lockwood for providing the USB only modem (etc.) information. Yes, a USB modem connection to a Mac would require drivers. I agree with stu-b and kinc, use an Ethernet dsl modem, EDM, instead.

Some dsl modems contain both Ethernet and USB connectors. Here is one to consider: 'Zoom'.
There are many more Ethernet only dsl modems, go here to see some of them.

With an EDM you have the benefit of no USB drivers needed, and (as per my previous post) the ability to connect an Ethernet router to the modem, and then PCs and Macs to the router (see here for confirmation).

Before purchasing an EDM contact your ISP and explain your intention of replacing their USB dsl modem with the EDM (do not go into detail as about connecting a router and multiple computers. If asked 'why' - say, I will be able to effortlessly connect a Mac when desired.). If they have no problem - and they should not (they will most likely state that they will not provide any customer support with respect to the EDM) purchase one; then when you set up your network - call the ISP again, supplying the EDM's MAC address (located on a sticker on the EDM).

In fairness to my recommendations - I never installed a USB only - cable / dsl modem, or a Ethernet / USB - cable / dsl modem, connecting it to a Mac or PC via a USB cable. I always used an Ethernet cable; it is simple to set up and configure; and, provides an overall higher data rate network than USB - as stated above by others.

Since we now know that your PC is connected to a USB dsl modem, you will have to reconfigure it to communicate over an Ethernet cable, instead of a USB cable and its related USB driver.

Finally, when you do connect to the internet - via the EDM, do it with the Mac first, since it is typically easier to set up and connect with, than with a Windows based PC.