This is a bit early but....

What sounds best to take in conjunction with CS 310 ?

  • CS 320 --> Applied Discreet Maths

  • CS 420 --> Advanced data structs

  • CS 444 --> Intro to Operating Systems (most likely in Unix)

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Simply Daemonic
I know that I JUST started the fall semester about a month ago and I still have 2 more months to go BUT the registrar at my university has already posted a spring course listing schedule!:eek:

I have been working on my schedule but 3 classes that I need to take are on the same day & timeslot and I can only thus take one of them next semester (well one of those three options)

So I an a bit undecided.
I am taking CS 310 --> Applied Discreet Math
now what other course should I take next semester ?

CS 320 --> Advanced Data Structures
CS 420 --> Theory of computation
CS 444 --> intro to operating systems.

None of these are linked together as pre-reqs so no prob there.
I am leaning towards CS 320 (take all in the order of 100s) but someone told me today that 310 & 320 at the same time will be a pain in the arse, and that 444 (OSes) is much easier. While I trust this person's judgement, I am asking your opinion too ;)

What sounds more interesting as a second option for now ?
the data structs will probably be most immedietlely 'inspiring' and practical right now, and will probably put you in a better position for the later, more abstracted courses. The sequence as it stands seems pretty solid.
I vote the Admiral drops out of school and forms his own tech company like so many others have - making millions in the process and giving all of us readers IPO. :D