This is a stupid question - Voodoo2 support in OS X


I know that my voodoo card uses extensions for support, so it probably will not be supported under OS X. Otherwise, I'm very excited about getting my copy!

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Because Mac OS X is built on Darwin, which is base on FreeBSD, there is a possibility that cool programmer doodz will port the drivers over from a different OpenSource OS. I'm in the Darwin Developers group and was actually thinking about this. The problem is that I've never done anything like this before. Also the reason I would be doing it is to try and eventually find a way to use my iMac GameWizard card with it. The iMac uses the perch slot / mezzanine port which is not the same as a pci slot but similar. If it makes you feel any better the bottom line is I have a slim hope of getting my Voodoo 2 for the iMac working and you have a bigger hope of getting a PCI Voodoo 2 working, eventually that is. 3Dfx is cool though, maybe they will help us both out.
The Drivers that OmniGroup put out are for MacOS X Server. MacOS X beta and MacOS X Server are really different. The software API's are like the difference between dawn and dusk.

Good luck getting them to work.

If OmniGroup has the source code availble that's probably a good place to start but it will still be a lot of work.