This is great!

Stay behind me Timsey!
I am doctor! They might be dangerous! You hold em down and I will examine lol :p

[Loony] They're coming to take me away hehe, they're coming to take me away, hehe, haha, hoho... [/Loony]

Yea, anyway, are there no moderators on these forums that can close this or merge this with the 'Silly Dock Trick' thread?
This is thread is know.....just Wheeeee

btw: anyone noticed that this function is missing in 5G48....can anybody confirm the "Silly dock trick" (tm) in 5G64....I haven't checked yet and I won't be at my Mac for the next couple of hours...
I can't believe they've done this to us! How dare they take our Whee away!!! :confused: Ayieee! Ayieee ! It's just not the same...