This is what steve is keeping a secret !!!!


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The real product beind this very secret announcement:

A new portable design with small built in table where the trackpad used to reside and a touch screen. It will run OS X of course and it will come bundles with your choice of a superdrive, CD-RW, DVD, or DVD-R.
Key technologies featured in this model are USB2, Airport built in (not an option) an actual Ir port, Bluetooth for connectivity with bluetooth devices, and the standard FireWire, Ethernet, Modem and VGA out)

Have a look ;)



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It's an eMate based design ;)
If you want you can substitute the design for the TiBook design lol...
All I want is the above stated specs with a G4 processor in it lol ;)

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Well, it's always possible. I mean, Steve Jobs could take a massive blow to the head, with no one noticing until it's to late. That's always possible, right?

NOTE: I am in no way advocating the hitting, kicking, or maybe even just poking of Steve Jobs. Please be kind to him. He's our last defense against Michael Dell.


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No, I wouldn't want to have that iBook. My mom just got a combo drive iBook (new one with faster processor and faster bus speed!), and I would NOT substitute that CRAPPY PIECE OF ....... sorry about that. But like I said, it just looks like.... well, to be nice, it looks bad. :cool:

Oh, by the way, at least you could ATTEMPT to make the operating system on that pic look just a SMIDGE like OS X, Admiral. :D

(And, I hope that DVD-R drive is really a DVD-R/CD-RW combo drive... in other words, I WANT AN iBOOK WITH A SUPERDRIVE! -- and no you smart alecks... not an iBook with a floppy drive ;) ).


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Yes I meant superdrive :p

The image was not made by me but rather by (nice site ;) ) before OS X was made . I like that design but would not care if it were a design like todays iBooks :p



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I have trouble believing that Apple will be supporting USB2 very enthusiastically since it's meant to compete with the already-established Firewire.

Oh, and I wish my TiBook didn't have a slot-loading drive because I can't use those great little mini-cds.



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Oh right :eek:!!!!
I forgot about the mini CDs :eek: (especially bad since I burn em :p)
Anyway, Firewire should be upgraded in order to be competative ;)



It rusn at 400 Mbyte (theorical) against 480 Mbyte for USB 2... not big deal. Not to mention that real-life performance are better than thos eof USB 2, and anyway I cant see the need for more than that... hey, I transfert files to my external firewire drive at 25 mbit... the bottleneck is the HD itself, not FW.
What firewire realy need is a drop in price.


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There is a special button on the keyboard called CPCN (Crash PC Now) which utilizes Airport to send a crash signal in a radios of 5 yards I think ;)


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Originally posted by rharder
I have trouble believing that Apple will be supporting USB2 very enthusiastically since it's meant to compete with the already-established Firewire.


I guess they *will* make USB2 standard as soon as possible at a nice price. This way the war about FireWire-USB2 won't even be one, since it will be clear from the beginning, that USB would still be the choice for lower speed stuff.

Worst thing would be if Apple tried to avoid USB2. The devices *will* arrive once USB2 is standard in the PC world. Apple was an USB evangelist. Let them be one for USB2, too. FireWire is established in the DV market. Pros and consumers alike already know that FireWire is good.


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I think that it's silly for Apple to be a USB2 proponent in much the same way as it is for them to put G4's in iBooks, except that the latter is probably an eventuality whereas the former never needs to be.

Since I first heard of USB2- I thought the idea was silly- we want to trade 400Mbs of solid performance for 80Mbs more and YAEBTS (yet another external bus to support). The fewer and more stable connections I have to my machine the better. USB is (relatively) solid. Except for a few really whacky issues I've had when connecting my soundsticks during an epeleptic ceisure- I've had little problem, save for shotty implementations by value PC vendors.

I don't think I'm being old and stingy about this (then again, when are the old and stingy self-aware?) but at this point I prefer open, solid standards to lots of new, inestablished hardware specs. The industry- for the most part- has already bought firewire. Cameras, scanners, storage, drives, image capture... all already implemented with firewire. USB2 doesn't have a big enough or innovative enough reason to get picked up, IMHO. It's a fast, external serial bus. Been there, done that. Why would I want two BUS's on my hardware that accomplish the same thing? Give me solid technology with clear definition over base inclusion any day.