THIS is what's pissin' ME off!


I can't believe that we still don't know where to get the 10.1 update. Apple says participating authorized dealers - which ones? They expect us to call all dealers to find out if they're participating? Even if we did, and some have already called around, it doesn't seem Apple has told them about the upgrade.... why can't Apple just provide a list of stores that will offer the free upgrade? Also, we get one month to upgrade for free....or while supplies last. That's also crazy. So if you're abroad for over a month on an extended trip, no upgrade. Too bad.

My suggestions:
1. Post the upgrade online (duh - it's been said a zillion times)
2. Send a cd automatically to all registered users (won't happen since they want that 20 bucks for 'shipping and HANDLING')

Anyway, this is all very poorly implemented. There should be no doubt where we can upgrade and yet still we're not 100% sure.

Sorry for venting. I just want the upgrade and fear that by the time I get to compusa on Monday, there will be no upgrade copies left....