This OS is not ready...


I am wondering if there is going to be a backlash for this BETA OS. 1000's are paying 100 smackers for a Beta OS...

I at first supported Apple for shipping this thing come hell or high water, but now I think they should have done a second BETA...

There is so much potential and so many cool things about the OS I think it's really cool...and I am excited...

But it is months away from being usable...

Apple will get it right, and probably in a hurry, but I doubt the wisdom of releasing a buggy BETA as a final product....

comments anyone?
I think it was a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" situation.

So many people, users, developers etc have been waiting so long for it, and with many software companies publicly saying they won't release software/drivers etc until the OS is released, it seems that Apple *had* to put it out.

Personally, I think they are handling it the right way - very low key, with the big splash to come with the summer MWNY update. Then we'll see some big name apps and lots of fixes/optimizations for OS X.

I don't think of any first release as a 1.0 - it's really like a .90 or something....which beats M$'s (sub)standards of what appear to be .75's at best.

I've installed on my iBook 300 (160mb ram) and my beige G3 (upgraded to 466mhz, 256mb ram). It's a bit sluggish on both, but rock solid stable. I'll take the stability for now and let them work on the speed......
I never knew a .o version that was any good. Every .0 version of software and even an OS get's a .0.1 or .1 very soon (remember 7.0, remember 8.0, remember 9.0 and all those other applications).
I agree that this thing isn't quie ready for prime time, but it's the best OS I have, and I'd rather have it in its current form than just about anything else.

I too think Apple has done well. This is close enough to final form to be released so that people can begin to use it and Apps developers can be confident in the API's staying what they are.

I do certainly hope they continue to develop at the same fast pace that they were prior to release. I'm sure giving them feedback like they are. :)
I expected OS X to ship in the end of August 2000, but it did not, the PB shipped in september though. I dont think that many people would really like to buy OS X Public Beta 2. If that were the case MacOS would be viewed not as a commercial OS, but as a Linux style OS when you work out things each quarter (or each half year) and you put it on "sale" on the web.

I think that apple needed to ship this but I am disappointed that they have overlooked the finer details. Yeah sure updates are gonna come for greek, DVD playback, CD-RW capacility, more languages, and bigger & better functionalities but they shoudl have tried to get a few things ready in the GM.

I like OS X and I will upgrade, eventually, but I need to know that my stuff will work so I am waiting for companies to release drivers and upgrades for their products to run on OS X. (my prime example being VPC)

Ultimatelly I think the decision to release it now was an appropriate one. I would have hated to see OS X go the way of copland because apple did not release it in time, and as is a widely known fact nothing is really complete. OS 9.1 isnt really complete, but ti works. Also this decision is a sound one because it provokes companies to go ahead and MAKE those drivers and MAKE those upgrades in order to propagate their business to the new OS.

PS: Will upgrade in the end of august (if not sooner)
Wait till you use 4L5. Its is much faster on my computer. No I'm not a developer and I didn't sign an NDA. If you want the update just wait or go to MacNN. Somone said it should be out tomorrow. Its getting better.

btw 4L5 is listed as 10.0.1 (4L5) under about this computer.
> beta

Tell me about it. But beta is a bit harsh to the public beta. I _never_ had a kernel panic in the Public Beta. After using the final for about 2 hours i have had 2!!!

Here's what i did: connect to idisk, go to mac osx software, try to download screen saver, system locks up (all aplications display beach ball). after 5 minutes of nothing I started force quiting apps. When i got down to the Finder and the ball was still spining, i click on relaunch. Kernel Panic!! the message basically blams it on afpfs (file sharing). Protected memory doesn't help these problems. Please, Apple, clean up the kernel extensions!!!

personally i'm loving this. I think os x rocks. Right now i'm only upset that i most of the applications for it are half lame. There are definitely some issues, but i have yet to find a problem i can't fix. I was having problems running omniweb, i contacted omnigroup and they said most people updating from the beta had the problem and suggested a clean install. Not the easiest fix in the world, but whatever, it wasn't a huge deal, i did it, omniweb works, and is faster than the preview of IE. the mail app kicks ass, it does everything i need it to, it works better than eudora pro. Classic apps run much faster than they did in the beta, my only slight gripe is since doing a clean install opening documents from the desktop that belong to a classic app is a little quirky. Being able to run xwindows rocks, all i need is office and BBEdit to come out for X
After I tested OS X, I decided to wait. I will wait until there is a OS9 updater. I think I don't need to spend my money for slow system. I would rather to spend $300 for OS9 with PREEMPTIVE MULTITASKING than OSX WITH PREEMPTIVE MULTITASKING.

Now I found OS9 should not be thrawn away. It is still the best system in Mac World
Originally posted by PoweMACuser
Now I found OS9 should not be thrawn away. It is still the best system in Mac World

Now I may have been bashing OS X final lately but i do think it will be great very shortly. The point apple is trying to make is that you CAN'T get preemptive multitasking into OS 9. it's core just wasn't designed to support it. Ditto for protected memory and symmetric multiprocessing. Copland was apple's attempt at doing this and it just didn't work.

To sum up, the speed issues will be worked out. apple is just spending its time getting the thing working and stable then they'll worry about speed. By July, when it will be shipped with all new machines, it will be the best OS there is. Just as the poster of this thread said: its not ready
A long time Mac user, 12 years... and technically I would rank myself as an Expert. I am a big supporter of Linux, and glad to see OS X runs on Unix. It is cool to have Apache, mySQL, PHP, all running on a Macintosh.

Over the past 5 years that I have been using Linux based servers, I have never come to using GNOME, KDE or any other type of GUI on a regular, or semi-regular basis. In fact, about the only two GUIs I will deal with are Mac OS (pre OS X) and Windows.

Being a long time Mac user, migrating to Mac OS X, although filled with everything I enjoy and like in a OS, isn't on my urgency list right now. The OS isn't ready for me to make a full conversion... and I think this is the same reason I haven't opted to use KDE or GNOME as well. They just aren't ready.

Apple has a good thing going here, but I agree with others, it will be probably August time frame before people are starting to move over, building their OS X library of software, and getting better compatibility and stability.

OS X works fine for me. I am just waiting for the commerical apps to get here. Once that's here, I can make it my default OS and rid myself of Windows...seeing this is Unix, I can do things that I would do in Windows, and now don't have to worry about using a horrible, out-of-date, ugly, "slap whatever theme you want on Windows xp, its still an upgrade for fools" OS.