Those who want 10.1 via ftp... read...

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Okay... around 9:30pm CDT we should have 10.1 upgrade online via FTP, we also will have a mirror up and running... and hopefully more mirrors up and running tomorrow...


Our FTP server sits off a T1 line... top speeds around 160k/sec. At 80k/sec, the upgrade takes around 2 hours, 15 minutes to download, give or take. We could limit our FTP server to (2) concurrent connections... so those who are downloading, download at the fastest possible speed... or we could allow more connections, but if we have 4 people connected, it could take 4-5 hours to download... and so on.

Our current plan is to stick with 2 concurrent users... what are your thoughts?

I think we should permit those who are willing to mirror first crack 2 users at a time and then they can server others as well that way we could likely get 20 or 30 people an hour with a couple of servers. I think someone is uploading to me right now, details to follow.
Ok, my thoughts:
Set up a mirror system. That way, mirror access is always provided, to select users who are given the mirror username and password. If the mirrors download it (possibly on a T1 or greater), then those can host per their own rules. And we get more, and more, and more, and more. Sound good?
I say stick with 2 users at a time. I don't know how you would say who gets to go and when, but any two will do.

If you are doing first come first serve, I'll take first dibs.

Oh yeah, and we wasted Notre Dame today 24-3. Make room in the Top 25 for the Fightin' Texas Aggies.

We need more macs here at Texas A&M. There is a huge network, but no macs on it (windows only; we're in compaqland here in south Texas). But hopefully with 10.1 I can change that. I'll write an email explaining step by step how to set up your mac on the A&M network so all the Mac users here can have their fun. So as soon as I get my hands on 10.1 on my comp I will figure out the network stuff and talk to the admistrator at (the search site for the network). I have already talked to him about DoubleTalk and I am writing an article for that too.
Ok, currently I'm downloading on a DSL line, and it's at about 125kbps a sec so it will be done in an hour. I will UPLOAD to people's mirrors if they want. Again, T1 or better please! :D
Okay... I downloaded and burning the 10.1 upgrade image now, if all goes well, I will put the FTP online...

(2) anonymous users

I will MIRROR to others... provide me with ftp ip, login and password, and I will send it your way. Must have a fast download connection of 100k/sec plus for me to mirror to you.

I think 80K/s sounds a little ideal- 40K/s would be a bit more realistic for most people's connections, and this would let four people at a time on -your- mirror. I would try to make sure to get the image out to people who could host subsequent mirrors, and so on and so forth.
I agree that the best idea is to have the fastest connecting users get the update, then spread it around via ftp even more. Soon enough 10.1 updates will be all over.

As a 56k user myself, we modem users could/should wait a few days maybe until the high speed users are finished.

:) I still wish staples had it...
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