Thoughts about UNIX apps on OSX?


No, this isn't the same thread about porting issues from UNIX to OSX, but its similar.

I just installed OSX and was thrilled to see the good ol' command line hiding out in one of the folders. I was even more thrilled to see a Unix file system (kind of) sitting under Aqua. Very nice I thought. But then, I found gcc, tar, man, locate, all the stuff I know and love.

Now, I'd like to know what I can do with it. I've been using Linux for over three years and I have it running very nicely on my PowerMac G4. I'd like to know if people have been experimenting with recompiles of standard Unix/Linux apps on OSX and what trouble they've run into.

I'd also like to know, what are the chances of X Windows apps running under OSX. Is it possible? Maybe in the future?
Is it going to get confusing when we have people calling X Windows and OSX simply X? Yes.

Finally, I'm not concerned with porting issuse as it relates to everyday Mac users. I don't want to turn this into another one of those discussions, but I'd like to know what my chances of getting my favorite Unix apps up and running. Not only that, but what does OSX Beta include in the way of Unix apps.

Thanks a bunch,
i've kinda been keeping track of the Darwin-Users mailing list and i've noticed that X Windows now compiles on Darwin (the Unix underpinning of Aqua) and so do several window managers. I think I saw FVWM listed and I know someone's been working on GTK (Gnome).

So you can run your favorite X apps so long as you have the right libraries compiled.

But there's a catch: You can only run ONE X at a time :(

Apparently some people are working out a way that will allow you to run X Windows within Aqua. Check out the Wishlist on I think it's there.

Good Luck!