Tiger 10.4 clean install, no Classic support.


Hello everyone,

I'm a newcomer to the Mac stuff (I'm a UNIX/Solaris specialist myself).
I have read the forums/FAQ's but I cannot find any clear answer to my particular problem: I want to run the Classic subsystem under a clean install of 10.4.0 but all I have is my 10.4.0 install DVD.

Here's the whole story so far.. I wanted a Mac for the family so here's what I did:

- I got a pre-owned PowerMac G4 (Dual 1GHz) MDD (Mirrored Drive Doors) with a H/W Raid, GeForce Ti 4600. Quite a good machine, btw..
It came with software installed but no installation disks (Just the hardware).

- I found MacOSX installed on my PowerMac G4 but it appeared to be somehow so very 'heavily customized' with some German-Only stuff and since I always re-install cleanly all my computer systems anyway, I ran to a Computer Store and got a MacOSX 'Tiger' installation Kit with DVD media (the single-user one, not the family version with 5 users).

- I re-installed MacOSX (up'ed to cleanly on it.

How do I get 'Classic' support on my Mac for the older Mac software for the kids? I had been given some Mac CD-ROM's in the recent past but they appear to require Classic support, which 10.4.0 didn't install.

- I don't have any installation media aside from the 10.4 Tiger DVD purchased at the computer store.
- I don't have any friend from which I could borrow an older 9.2.2 full installer (not the upgradeable stuff that can be downloaded).
- Since I had never had a Mac before, I don't have a 'Previous MacOS 9 System Folder' to copy and point 'Classic' to nor do I own any MacOS 9 CD's...

If anybody could help me or at least point me to what I need to purchase from the Apple Store (do they still sell 9.2.2 or will they let me purchase a kit to make up for the lost initial media that supposedly came with the computer), this would be very apreciated.. :)

Thank you!

Vincent (Canadian living in France, preacher of the QWERTY keyboard in AZERTY country).
Consider '<http://www.megamacs.com/v1/index.php?cat=15010>' to purchase 'System 9.2.2', for $49.99.

Thanks for your quick answer,

So this means I need to get a full 9.2.2 CD?

In order to install 9.2.2 from CD onto a 10.4 system, this means I must dedicate a disk partition to 9.2.2 in order to let it install itself, right?

I know that copying 'System Folder' from the install CD won't be enough so If I have to go through a complete 9.2.2 install, I'm guessing it needs a real disk partition to install onto... Is that so?

Thank you,

You may install MacOS 9.2.2 on the same partition as MacOS X. It is as easy as pie if your computer can boot from the MacOS 9 CD. Unless your Mac is the 1.42 GHz model, it should be able to boot from the MacOS 9 CD. If you can't boot into MacOS 9, then you can copy the MacOS 9.2.2 installation from another computer to yours.
I might just add to MisterMe's response that the two OS's have different system folder names - "System" on OS X and "System Folder" on OS 9, so there's no problem with the two existing on the same partition. You can then switch between the two using the Startup Disk option in the System Preferences.

During my recent upgrade to 10.2.8 (yes, hardly current but there we go) I did notice that the upgrader mentioned an update to Classic support, though I assume this was an update to OS X's ability to talk to OS 9 and not an actual update of OS 9 itself.


MisterMe said:
doginess is correct.

Go ME! :D

Just to expand upon an earlier point, copying the System Folder from the CD won't work because it it won't boot from it - you'll get a message saying some to the effect of "this machine can't be started from this operating system/please install the operating system" or some such nonsense.