Tiger-9.2 File Sharing Corrupts Files


Good morning,

I have two macs on a network.

One a brand new G5 running tiger

the other a B/W G3 running 9.2.1

I would like to use one as a file server.

Currently the G5 is the file server.

If I try to open a file being shared from the G5, I am able to open the file (any file..word, quark, photoshop, etc..) but if I save the file I get an "ACCESS DENIED" error and the file is then completely corrupt.

I have been unable to see a resolution for this after searching for the past hour on google.

How would i remedy this problem?

In the future what is the best way to network between these two systems? SAFELY? Which machine should the files be shared from? Ultimately most work is done on the B/W G3.