Tiger + Airport


We recently upgraded our three macs up to 10.4.1 and have had a noticeable decrease in our Airport performance. my desktop iMac G4 20" is 5 feet away from the Base Station Extreme and it's only showing two bars.

Bandwidth isn't too bad on this machine but the other macs (G4 iBooks) really slow down whenever they're not *right next to* the Base Station.

This wasn't the case before Tiger.

I've read through other forums/sites and trashed Keychains/prefs, created new network locations, thrown out caches...it still seems to surface.

Is this something that we'll just have to wait for in an update?

All I heard by now is that since 10.4 the indicator and not the signal reception was changed. I would be very surprised if the 10.4.1 update really reduced your ibooks wifi range. Check for other factors such as new radio sources. Another fix could be an access point reset. Also check for other threads on increasing the signal range.

One little add that just came on my mind: I noticed a correlation between the books temperature and my airport signal range. The hotter the book the lower the airport range. Maybe the 10.4.1 update caused your system to run hotter and this decreased your signal range?!