Tiger And Aol


I upgraded to tiger a while back, now, all of the sudden, aol quits unxpedetly. i am getting the following clip:

date/time: 2005-09-20 20:01:13.667 -0400
os version: 10.4.2 (build 8c46)
report version: 3

command: aol
path: /applications/aol/contents/macos/aol
parent: windowserver [70]

version: 10.3.6 (10.3.)

pid: 367
thread: 9

exception: exc_bad_access (0x0001)
codes: kern_protection_failure (0x0002) at 0x00000000

any help is greatly appreciated.

p.s. i have not installed any new hardware on my powerbook g4.


I can haz cigar?
Using a Mac on AOL is like drinking $2,000 wine from a rusty tin can - cancel AOL and go with a decent ISP. :)