Tiger Destroys Lexar Memorystick Flash Memory


Is there a known problem with os 10.4.1 and MemoryStick using a USD 2.0 multicard reader. After installing Tiger, I attempted to read a 128mb MemoryStick that I had been using for a year on OS 9.2 with out problems. Data transfer stopped and finder froze. After restart system did not recognize MemoryStick. MemoryStick could not be reformatted on this system or on a windows machine. Happened on both a brand new chip and one I had been using for a year. I am not sure if I ever used these chips and reader on 10.3, maybe just on my system with 9.2. Reader and SmartMedia cards work just fine. Now if my sony TV just used smart media chips I would not have a problem. Any suggestions, I hate to throw away Pat Daly