Tiger does not connect.....


Hi everyone,
i do have a little problem,
with 10.3.9 i had no probles to connect to our company server.
finder-network-server and then after a few seconds i could choose the server as icon then click on the icon and done. login in with password.

now i do the same steps but it stops at server no more icons

what should i do,

please help.


Mike - Lugano -Switzerland
From Finder menu, GO>Connect to Server... in resulting dialog box, use:
afp://yourservername/sharename Then usual username and password (Mac UAM limits password to 8 characters, but you can download and install a UAM from Microsoft that allows more). This assumes your Windows server has Services For Macintosh (SFM, a free install option for W2K or Win2003 servers) installed.
If directory listings on a PC show two filenames for the same file, one with a preceding ,_ (period, underscore) that's accomodating the Macintosh forked-file model, and not to be worried about.