Tiger Finder will not eject some CD's


We have several Macs spanning 7.6.1 thru Tiger on systems as old as a Power PC 8500 to G5's. Occassionally we will come across a CD that Tiger Finder doesn't appear to recognize. Either the CD won't show mounted at all or it will mount/run but will not eject. In both instances, the Finder doesn't show the CD at all.

These CD's can be ejected in only a few ways:

1. The menu option of loading the eject menu ( /System/Library/CoreServices/Menu Extras) works in in rare instances
2. a command line to force eject works
3. Manual power down and a Mac Tool (ie: paperclip in the manual drive opening switch)
4. The most effective option is to force abort the Finder and restart. After this, Finder appears to recognize the CD remember it for the future.

This CD issue is not related to individual CD's but to specific software titles. The same title will operate correctly on any Mac OS from 7.6.1 thru 10.3.9 on several different machines in several different drives but, when placed in any of our 3 Macs with Tiger, the Finder issue occurs. Different CD's all react the same. The Finder issue is not related to the physical CD.

Even more confusing, I use many different titles made by the same programmers and some will have this error while others do not. These titles will have the same replicator, same programmer, and be mounted into the same machines but Finder will recognize most titles and not a random few.

Has anyone else experienced or heard of this?
Any ideas would be appreciated!
Wow, I was windy in that post yesterday. ::sleepy::

Perhaps a more clear and concise question is:
What, if anything, changed in the Finder from 10.3 to 10.4?