Tiger Gcc 4.0.0 And -fvolatile


I have a sendmail "milter " program, milter-spamc V0.25, that "./configure"'s on linux w/out a probelm using gcc 3.x. When I tried to do the same on Tiger 10.4.2 ( w/ gcc 4.0.0) it gives an error on the gcc optin "-fvolatile".

I am new to most of this command line stuff, but I had this problem trying to configure MySQL.

If you haven't already solved this problem, you may try using "./configure CC=gcc-3.x" to specify that configure use the gcc 3.x compiler which is still on Mac OS X 10.4.x

You can also use "gcc_select" to specify a system-wide default compiler. You can see more by typing "man gcc_select" at your command line prompt to see the man page.